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Get To Know Nina – Employee of the Month – May 2019

Nina Syzmanska has been named our caregiver of the month for May. Nina, originally from Poland, has been in the United States for 25 years and has worked with LVA since 2013. Growing up in Poland, Nina spent most of her time with her grandmother and grandfather and provided care to them as they grew older. Her favorite parts of working for the agency are the friendly office staff and the special people she has had the privilege of taking care of, especially Ms. Evelyn Gross.


In her free time, Nina enjoys planting flowers, attending church and spending time with her children and grandchildren. She has many friends at church that ask her “Why do you work so much?” Nina responds by saying that she loves to stay busy and looks forward doing something important every day. After losing her husband 10 years ago, Nina was determined to continue on and provide for herself while also making a difference – and that she has done!


Carol Batoff, daughter of Nina’s client, Ms. Gross, described the lasting impact that Nina has had on her family. Carol said that Nina should be named health care provider of the century for all that she has done; no one is more deserving.  Ms. Gross, a long-time business executive was accustomed to taking charge and being in control. When Nina began providing care to Ms. Gross she found a way to preserve her independence while also providing direction, implementing a daily routine and enriching her life on a daily basis.


If you see Nina, please be sure to congratulate her on being Caregiver of the Month!

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