The Lisa Vogel Agency is a partner in the care of your family member. In addition to the professionalism and experience each member of the agency contributes, they also bring a genuine care and compassion for the client.

Assisting Lisa Vogel is a dedicated core team including Lisa’s brother, Jonathan Goldman, who serves as Director of Operations, and Lisa’s mother, Cathy Goldman, who serves as the Director of Employee Relations.

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    Lisa Vogel


    A graduate of what is now Loyola University Maryland, Vogel launched her own health care firm through a national franchise in 2008. Her dedication to providing the highest quality care was quickly evidenced by the rapid growth of the business and a number of national and regional awards, including National Franchise of the Year in 2010.

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    Jonathan Goldman

    Director of Operations

    A graduate of Gettysburg College, Jonathan Goldman has several years of experience in both business and finance, having worked most recently as a financial analyst. At The Lisa Vogel Agency, Jonathan handles all agency invoicing, payroll, helps patients navigate long-term care insurance policies, and handles the company’s financials.

    He takes pride in helping clients and their families and shares his sister Lisa’s commitment to excellent customer service. Outside of work, Jonathan stays active by taking hiking trips with his Rottweiler. When he’s not on the trail, you can find him cheering on his hometown teams, the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens.

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    Cathy Goldman

    Director of Employee Relations

    Cathy Goldman has a long tenure in the healthcare industry, working as a healthcare executive for nearly 20 years prior to joining the Lisa Vogel Agency. Mom to Lisa and Jonathan, Cathy also served as a caregiver to her father, who suffered from early-onset Alzheimer’s for eight years, before passing away at 58.

    At The Lisa Vogel Agency, Cathy manages the hiring process and employee retention, provides caregiver support and maintains credentials. Caregiving comes very naturally to Cathy, and The Lisa Vogel Agency is an extension of her desire to provide care and support to others. Outside of work, Cathy enjoys gardening and spending time with her grandchildren.

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    Marjorie Schmier

    Registered Nurse

    Marjorie Schmier first thought about nursing when she was 3 years old, and has now been a Registered Nurse for 43 years. In her role at The Lisa Vogel Agency, Marjorie performs in-home assessments of the patient to determine their needs and what care coordination services will best benefit them. Marjorie is an advocate for her patients and cares about their physical health as well as their psychological health and their safety.

    It’s important to Marjorie that patients know she cares about them, so she offers a smile, a handshake or a friendly touch.

    Marjorie enjoys the care coordination aspect of being an RN and is happy to be working at an agency that’s well-respected in the community. She truly enjoys every aspect of her job.

  • Headshot for Timothy S Bayer

    Timothy S. Bayer

    Registered Nurse

    Tim Bayer has been helping others since he was in high school, when he worked at an assisted living and hospice facility. That caring spirit carried through to college, where he studied psychology and began working as a counselor in a residential rehabilitation facility for adults with psychiatric diagnoses. In 2002, Tim began working as a psychiatric technician at Sheppard Pratt Health System, spending time in various units, including the Geropsychiatric and Geriatric Neuro Units. He ultimately chose to work with adult patients with trauma disorders. Inspired by the work and encouragement of those around him, Tim chose to pursue a nursing degree and graduated from the University of Maryland School of Nursing in 2012.

    When Tim saw the care and time everyone at The Lisa Vogel Agency put in to meeting the needs of clients, he knew it was a place people could trust.

    Tim, who has been working as a registered nurse with the agency for a year, hopes that his easy-going nature relaxes patients. “I want clients to feel at ease when I come to their home,” he said.