You can always expect the highest quality of care from our caregivers. Meet a few of the people from our exceptional team and learn about what drives their passion for helping those with in-home care needs.

  • Headshot for Assitan Fane

    Assitan “Assi” Fane


    Years with Lisa: 7

    Assitan “Assi” Fane has been in the caregiving field for seven years, working mainly with elderly patients.

    “I have learned to accommodate them and understand their needs,” she said.

    Assitan takes great pride in her work, doing her best every day to please the family and the patient and care for his or her needs. Assitan enjoys working for The Lisa Vogel Agency and would recommend it to any caregiver.

    “I like The Lisa Vogel Agency because it cares for its patients and employees,” she said. “Lisa is also a rewarding employer.”

  • Headshot for Margaret Laurey

    Margaret Laurey


    Years with Lisa: 12

    Caregiving comes naturally to Margaret Laurey, who has been taking care of others for more than 20 years.

    “Ever since I had children, I wanted to continue being a caregiver,” she said. “I try to become another family member to the patient.”

    Margaret takes her work seriously and has proven to be extremely dependable. “I have never missed a day of work in all my 20 years as a caregiver,” she said.

    Since she began her tenure at The Lisa Vogel Agency, she has never been without work and finds the staff to always be “pleasant and kind.”

  • Headshot for Olga Nubotavskya

    Olga Nabutovskaya


    Years with Lisa: 8.5

    In the caregiving field for 23 years, Olga Nabutovskaya, strives each day to make patients happy. The reason she chose to make a career of caregiving is because she, “loves people and enjoys taking care of them.”

    Olga knows it can be hard for families to trust a stranger with their family member, so she is more than willing to do what it takes to put families and the client at ease.

    She said she is so glad to be working for The Lisa Vogel Agency.